Promo: Moullinex - Love Love Love (Remixes)

Out April 28

Love Love Love, the sunshine-infused call to arms by Moullinex gets remix treatments from Larse, Switchdance and Les Loups. 

From Larse we can expect the finest and honest deep house punctuated by an hypnotic bassline. This remix is a lesson in elegance, combining a tight groove with an earth-shaking bassline, climaxing in an euphoria-inducing breakdown. 

The new Innervisions star and Lux Lisbon resident DJ, Switchdance, takes Love Love Love on a dark and spiritual journey. Where the original has the sun, this remix has the moon, and those flutes are guaranteed to extract howls even from the most blasé audiences.

Les Loups stay on the sunny side of life and skilfully place the original’s elements in the irresistible intersection of House and Jazz. Groove is king.

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