A few years ago Jonny Abbey met Cecília Costa. Young and careless, and allured by travelling to exotic places they had each other’s backs during a time when all there was was a passion to experience life. Whether they were getting lost in the neon streets of Shanghai at 2am, blending in with exhilarating Rio de Janeiro musicians, they met at an age when consequences had little weight. Summer passions came and went but what remained between the two was a musical and spiritual bond.

Back home in Portugal they met producer Goldmatique and found their collective musical vision fitted perfectly. Together In the city of Porto they found the right energy for their songs and MEERA were born.

From a summer tour in Brazil to an intimate sunset rooftop party in Porto, MEERA is about getting your quick fix of FUN!

Fine Without You’ and it’s contagious electricity is dancefloor-ready with its infectious grooves encompassing summer euphoria and an ode to independence as well as emotional and sexual liberalism.

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AuthorDani Zinni