German based Paredes, aka Florian Meyer began his career in the late 80's in the Kumite in Hong Kong. After round 2, he suffered a broken leg and reconsidered his career being a natural badass. After a long exile in a hidden temple in the lower Karakoram, an inner voice led him to the art of producing electronic music.

“Without Intermission” is a melodic house track that grows into a pop-feel tune with abstract chopped vocal arp. All these elements are built above a huge and effective bass sound that will unglue your feet out of the bar. 

“Bullet Proof” reveals itself as a dance floor filler made of synthetic tropical sounds that Paredes mixed so well with Garage elements, summing everything into an irresistible groove. 

With “Gold Rush” Paredes teams up with his friend Hannes Rasmus and get a little bit more gloomy. It’s dark house music with an introspective mellow appeal and stab sounds. Something really special for your mind. 

Stream / Download it here.

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias