After Revelación, Bufi deliver us his first volume of remixes. The package starts with a steady take on “Apocalipstick” by AFFKT, head of Sincopat Recordings, that takes us into a synth psychedelia journey with an epic middle break, just before the climax. Right after that the beat goes solemn, with a thoughtful organ driven mix by Zombies In Miami, filled with laser like percussions, spacey synths and sensually treated vocals, transforming “New Ground” into a oracular esoteric gem. Max Jones, keeps the groove reflective, exploring “Interlude” synths, chopping the acid lead and adding a “conservative” afro minimal beat. The batch ends with a solid mix by french producer Damon Jee, delivering a severely rigorous steady bassline alternated with confident and faithful uplifting synths.

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias