Wanga, the third album by Throes + The Shine, took them to more than a dozen countries, with numerous performances between festivals and clubs. Although they are already in preparation for what will be their fourth album, the trio lined up a group of eleven producers and bands from the four corners of the world, with the aim of giving new life to each of the songs included in Wanga. The final result is a cocktail of cultures, sounds and experiences that, despite all their differences, have a common denominator: embracing the world as a melting pot where we can all create and learn. Where we can all celebrate.

Remixes by: Dan Solo, Weird Together, Kking Kong, Octa Push, Wildkatz!, DarkSunn, DJ N.K., Salon Acapulco, Marginal Men, Sotomayor and Xinobi.

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AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias