"“Ride My Pussy (Wagon)” is the second track from Da Chick’s latest EP “Call Me Foxy”, made in collaboration with french producer Saintard and released by Discotexas in June 2017. 
It’s the most provocative song of the EP, and probably from all of Da Chick’s repertoire, and got a video treatment as bold as we could expect from her. 
“Wagon” between parentheses might fool you. It’s all about her car, her beloved Pussy Wagon. 
To give life to the song’s dreamy mood, Da Chick called in David Tutti dos Reis to direct its video. “My Pussy, the Icon” – the car is where the action is, be it inside, outside or in its mere presence. It’s a classic car, but not an original, with a soft texture in the hood and decibels on the rims. Da Chick takes the wheel of this muscle Pussy and leads the way.

Watch It Here!

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias