..is out everywhere, digitally, now. So we can all dance a little longer!

Dance To Hits’ marks Xinobi's release of original music since the release of last year’s sophomore album ‘On The Quiet’, seeing him once again pair up Margarida Falcão, as he did on that album’s runaway hit tune ‘Far Away Place’. Here she returns to add her unique shimmering female vocals to a brooding and pulsating track, with a deep undertone.  

“I wanted to say something about how music can save you mentally” says Xinobi (moniker of Bruno Cardoso) of the tracks theme. With lyrics such as: I dance to hits / I know you’re just trying to help me out / But I lose it / I lose my mind, the music’s louder now highlighting the effect music can have on your mental state, in this case coming across as dark sounding musical therapy.

Watch Xinobi literally dancing to hits in the new video directed in distinct style by Bráulio Amado below and listen on Spotify here. 

AuthorDani Zinni

Xinobi's 'On The Quiet' Remixes are out and new music is on the way!

Following the release of the ‘Far Away Place' Remixes earlier this year, Xinobi now releases the ‘On The Quiet’ Remixes, the second EP of remixes of tracks taken from the acclaimed album 'On The Quiet'.

Four unmistakable re-workings, including mixes from Kraak & Smaak, who here mix 'Skateboarding', Ali Kuru's mix of 'See Me' and a couple of smashing versions of 'Morning Fix' from Wild & Free and Fake Money, all friends and inspirations to Xinobi and artists he has had the pleasure of working with in the past.

Give it some spins and listen / buy it here

And in the midst of what is shaping up to be an incredibly busy and rewarding year for Xinobi, we are pleased to announce that brand new music is on its way. Get ready to dance to some hits this summer!

More very soon.

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Fresh from a triumphant set at Primavera Sound, Moullinex releases three slick reworkings of ‘Painting By Numbers’. XinobiArt of Tones and GPU Panic, each bringing their own unique flavour to the original, this new release aims to explore the broad depth of avenues and atmospheres that the thumping crowd-pleaser lends itself to.

“I know I’m biased here, but Xinobi’s remix of ‘Darkest Night’ is my favourite remix of any track I’ve ever put out,” Moullinex says. “It’s been six years or so, and I still get requests for it. This time he took Painting By Numbers into a dark, beautiful and moody territory, and this is on the verge of becoming my new favourite.”

Adding his kudos to the Art of Tones rework, he states, “I never pay attention to DJ friendly arrangements, so sometimes it’s hard to play my own tracks when I DJ. Art of Tones is a serious dancefloor wizard, and here he turned the original into a killer on any set of mine.”

Before finally, describing the GPU Panic remix as the “most experimental side of Guilherme Tomé Ribeiro (who actually sings on the original track under his alias UhAhUh), a renaissance man of modern music and capable of stripping the groove out of the original and flipping it into a dark, beautiful gem.”

Click on the image below or here to listen / buy the 'Painting By Numbers' Remixes

Source: https://Discotexas.lnk.to/paintingbynumber...
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Live electronic duo Monality combine deep tech with ethnic influences and tonal sounds into their own unique output.

Their fascinating new 'Itsula' EP kicks off with ‘Itsula’ featuring a kanun (Turkish zither), It's smeared strings bringing some real voodoo charm to the grooves as rubbery kicks roll below. Subtle, slow release and sensuous. It’s rounded off by the intoxicating ‘Up&Down’ with fretless guitar performing enchanting ethnic scales. Magical and warm, with rugged bass and alluring strings that is sure to become a big tune on terraces and at open air parties this summer.

This is a truly unique EP and a sure fine way to introduce themselves! 

Click here to buy and stream the Itsula EP

Source: https://Discotexas.lnk.to/Itsula
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A few years ago Jonny Abbey met Cecília Costa. Young and careless, and allured by travelling to exotic places they had each other’s backs during a time when all there was was a passion to experience life. Whether they were getting lost in the neon streets of Shanghai at 2am, blending in with exhilarating Rio de Janeiro musicians, they met at an age when consequences had little weight. Summer passions came and went but what remained between the two was a musical and spiritual bond.

Back home in Portugal they met producer Goldmatique and found their collective musical vision fitted perfectly. Together In the city of Porto they found the right energy for their songs and MEERA were born.

From a summer tour in Brazil to an intimate sunset rooftop party in Porto, MEERA is about getting your quick fix of FUN!

Fine Without You’ and it’s contagious electricity is dancefloor-ready with its infectious grooves encompassing summer euphoria and an ode to independence as well as emotional and sexual liberalism.

Buy / Stream 'Fine Without You' Here!

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