Live electronic duo Monality combine deep tech with ethnic influences and tonal sounds into their own unique output.

Their fascinating new 'Itsula' EP kicks off with ‘Itsula’ featuring a kanun (Turkish zither), It's smeared strings bringing some real voodoo charm to the grooves as rubbery kicks roll below. Subtle, slow release and sensuous. It’s rounded off by the intoxicating ‘Up&Down’ with fretless guitar performing enchanting ethnic scales. Magical and warm, with rugged bass and alluring strings that is sure to become a big tune on terraces and at open air parties this summer.

This is a truly unique EP and a sure fine way to introduce themselves! 

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AuthorDani Zinni

A few years ago Jonny Abbey met Cecília Costa. Young and careless, and allured by travelling to exotic places they had each other’s backs during a time when all there was was a passion to experience life. Whether they were getting lost in the neon streets of Shanghai at 2am, blending in with exhilarating Rio de Janeiro musicians, they met at an age when consequences had little weight. Summer passions came and went but what remained between the two was a musical and spiritual bond.

Back home in Portugal they met producer Goldmatique and found their collective musical vision fitted perfectly. Together In the city of Porto they found the right energy for their songs and MEERA were born.

From a summer tour in Brazil to an intimate sunset rooftop party in Porto, MEERA is about getting your quick fix of FUN!

Fine Without You’ and it’s contagious electricity is dancefloor-ready with its infectious grooves encompassing summer euphoria and an ode to independence as well as emotional and sexual liberalism.

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AuthorDani Zinni

Following the release last year of his sophomore album ‘On The Quiet’, Xinobi has re-visited that albums big hit single ‘Far Away Place’ whilst expanding his catalogue and list of collaborators with the release of four incredible reworkings forming the ‘Far Away Place Remixes’ EP.

Featuring remixes from Jody Wisternoff & James Grant, commissioned by hot influential label Anjunadeep, Tensnake and a couple of re-workings from Pete Herbert, these mixes are pure dancefloor dynamite!

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These remixes will mark the first in a series of high-profile remixes, with further mixes of ‘On The Quiet’ tracks coming later this year.

AuthorDani Zinni

Wanga, the third album by Throes + The Shine, took them to more than a dozen countries, with numerous performances between festivals and clubs. Although they are already in preparation for what will be their fourth album, the trio lined up a group of eleven producers and bands from the four corners of the world, with the aim of giving new life to each of the songs included in Wanga. The final result is a cocktail of cultures, sounds and experiences that, despite all their differences, have a common denominator: embracing the world as a melting pot where we can all create and learn. Where we can all celebrate.

Remixes by: Dan Solo, Weird Together, Kking Kong, Octa Push, Wildkatz!, DarkSunn, DJ N.K., Salon Acapulco, Marginal Men, Sotomayor and Xinobi.

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AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias

"“Ride My Pussy (Wagon)” is the second track from Da Chick’s latest EP “Call Me Foxy”, made in collaboration with french producer Saintard and released by Discotexas in June 2017. 
It’s the most provocative song of the EP, and probably from all of Da Chick’s repertoire, and got a video treatment as bold as we could expect from her. 
“Wagon” between parentheses might fool you. It’s all about her car, her beloved Pussy Wagon. 
To give life to the song’s dreamy mood, Da Chick called in David Tutti dos Reis to direct its video. “My Pussy, the Icon” – the car is where the action is, be it inside, outside or in its mere presence. It’s a classic car, but not an original, with a soft texture in the hood and decibels on the rims. Da Chick takes the wheel of this muscle Pussy and leads the way.

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AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias