⚠️ Moullinex ft. Fritz Helder - Work it Out ⚠️ on Broad City's latest episode, along with Open House ft. Tee Flowers.

Moullinex is huge fan of the show and RuPaul, so this feels like an early birthday gift! Abbi & Ilana, you better work your shit out!

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias

HYPERSEX is OUT! This album is a collective love letter to club culture. We believe we can dance our way to a better world. A world with room for everyone, regardless of their origin, political views, race, religion, gender, and sexuality.
We have been getting amazing feedback from true legends:
Fatboy Slim: "Sounds like one of my better dreams" 
Cassius: "love it!"
It's one of our proudest achievements, and it's available in LP (including Fanzine), CD and Digital at the Discotexas store.
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DL/Stream: mllnx.co/hypersex
Vinyl+Fanzine/CD: moullinex.com/store

DT069 - Moullinex - Hypersex
AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias

2017 is an important year. It’s been ten years since Discotexas was formed by Moullinex and Xinobi. It may sound surprising now but the reality is that none of us could image that 10 years later Discotexas would still be running, let alone everything that’s been achieved.

It all started is a very simple way in 2007. Both Moullinex and Xinobi, felt the need to get their music released and heard, so in good old DIY way, they just started Discotexas. They had to.

A decade went by. It’s been a rollercoaster of achievements and disappointments, but most importantly, we managed to get both our music and that of others released and heard and played and enjoyed. That’s the beauty of doing Discotexas.

We can’t find a better way to celebrate a decade of Discotexas than putting out a very special record. “10cotexas” is a compilation that captures our history and our eternal passion for music. It’s a memorable gathering of our artists and some of their most important tracks. We’re proud of it. It contains iconic originals and remixes by Moullinex, Xinobi, Da Chick, Kamp!, Rebeka, Mirror People, Zimmer, Justin Faust, Bufi, Miami Horror or Psychemagik, alongside a “hidden-for-ages-treasure” by Double Damage and the first original track by the Discotexas Band, an in-house band comprising Moullinex, Xinobi and Da Chick.

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias

German based Paredes, aka Florian Meyer began his career in the late 80's in the Kumite in Hong Kong. After round 2, he suffered a broken leg and reconsidered his career being a natural badass. After a long exile in a hidden temple in the lower Karakoram, an inner voice led him to the art of producing electronic music.

“Without Intermission” is a melodic house track that grows into a pop-feel tune with abstract chopped vocal arp. All these elements are built above a huge and effective bass sound that will unglue your feet out of the bar. 

“Bullet Proof” reveals itself as a dance floor filler made of synthetic tropical sounds that Paredes mixed so well with Garage elements, summing everything into an irresistible groove. 

With “Gold Rush” Paredes teams up with his friend Hannes Rasmus and get a little bit more gloomy. It’s dark house music with an introspective mellow appeal and stab sounds. Something really special for your mind. 

Stream / Download it here.

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias